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Tratper Signature Tunnel Traps - Available on Amazon
Tratper - Available on Amazon

The Original Tratper

Tratper's signature tunnel trap sets the gold standard for safety and unparalleled
performance with its unique one-touch locking mechanism and outer enclosure.
Its durable materials and reusable build withstand the toughest challenges.

Tratper Signature Tunnel Trap

Tratper - Available on Amazon

Tratper can be found in 2 packs and 4 packs. Available on Amazon.

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Keeping Homes Safe For 30+ Years

Our signature tunnel trap includes safety measures in its build to prevent accidental injury from pets and children.

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I was tired of worrying about traditional rat traps causing injury to my kids and pets. Tratper not only solved our rodent problem efficiently but also provided me with the safety I was desperately seeking. It's a game-changer for families!

Sarah - Happy Homeowner

Tratper's design conceals the latch mechanism, making it easy to set the trap up. There's a big lever instead of wires. Gets rid of my worries of accidental injury from the hooking system that I've seen in typical rat traps.

Mark - Pest Control Expert

Tratper captured fast with no need for harmful chemicals. The discreet design makes it stand out for me. It's a must-have for anyone looking for a responsible pest control solution.

Paul - Restaurant Owner

Having both a cat and a dog, I needed a rat trap that wouldn't endanger my pets. Tratper's thoughtful design not only kept my animals safe but also efficiently tackled the rodent issue. A win-win for pet lovers!

Jamie - Pet Owner

Tratper was worth every penny. Its durable build lets me reuse the trap without having to worry about how unsanitary traditional wooden traps can become.

Chris - Warehouse Manager

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